Sports Business Journal, Summer Reading

Summer Reading

July 24, 2017

Published in Sports Business Journal
People and Pop Culture, Page 30

It’s time again to take a deep dive into the book lists of people in the sports industry, both what they’re reading now as well as the classics that have shaped their lives and their careers.

Jay Deutsch | BDA



What are you reading now? 
My current read is actually a reread, “Xbox Revisited.”I’ve shared this book with my colleagues and have even integrated it into our leadership retreats. I appreciate the common-sense strategy Robbie Bach uses to address issues in business and community. 
XBOX Revisited

Tell us about a recent favorite.
I recently picked up Phil Knight’s “Shoe Dog” and couldn’t put it down. I’ve always had a passion for the sports industry — it’s how BDA got its start — so it’s great to learn about and appreciate other innovators in sports and branded merchandise!

What is the best book you’ve ever read? 
Favorites are always hard, but if I had to choose something that represented me and my career I would have to say “Free Prize Inside,” by Seth Godin. The book aligns with BDA’s philosophy and really brings to life the power that branded merchandise can give to a business’s brand. 

What book that you read as a young person has stuck with you?
I never fail to find new value in Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Its simple principles and anecdotes leave me feeling empowered. 

What’s a business book you would recommend to everyone?
“Radical Candor” — if you are like me, you’re constantly striving to find the right balance between a friendly relationship with employees and the role as business leader. Kim Scott provides a simple and action-driven philosophy for just that.

Paper or digital? Or both?
Call me old school, but I am all about paper. There’s something about turning a page and having the physical copy that makes a book or magazine more satisfying.

What’s next on your list?
I am looking forward to reading “Start With Why.” My focus is always on growing as a leader, and Simon Sinek’s viral TED Talk that focused on the importance of “why” spoke not only to me but to my associates. 


Original published in Sports Business Journal, People and Pop Culture, pg. 30.





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