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See how you can gain a competitive edge with the Power of Merchandise.

Advertising that sticks

Kareem, Jeter, Gretzky and Nicklaus all had it. Branded merchandise has it, too. Longevity. Research tells us that both men and women hold onto, wear and display their favorite branded products for years. What other advertising medium can say that? The right piece of fan merchandise can generate thousands of impressions for your team, league or sponsor over its lifespan. Sounds almost as unstoppable as Kareem’s skyhook.

Length of time consumers keep branded merchandise, power of branded merchandise
Extra bang for a sponsor’s buck

Collectability, a high likelihood of repeat use and the positive emotions it evokes help make sports merchandise an extremely targeted and cost-effective form of advertising. Increasingly, teams use their other marketing channels to make sure fans know about upcoming giveaways. Social media in particular creates opportunities to generate interest around a promotion and even interact with fans directly. Want to track fan reaction to a giveaway? Follow the hashtag.

Cost per impression by advertising medium, power of branded merchandise
Cracking into a fan’s memory bank

Whether it’s a big play, a tough loss or an interesting statistic, sports fans have a knack for remembering. So it’s no surprise they’re also good at recalling the company associated with a piece of branded merchandise they receive. It doesn’t stop at recall, either. Eight in 10 people say they’re more likely to do business with brands from which they’ve received branded merchandise than with brands they have not. Now that’s one to remember.

Rate of recall by advertising medium, power of branded merchandise


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