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MLB Left With a Backlog of Unused Bobbleheads

April 1, 2021

CBS This Morning reporter, Kris Van Cleave, visits the BDA warehouse storing all the 2020 swag to find out more.

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Seattle Kraken Merchandise Sales set new Standard for NHL Expansion Teams

September 4, 2020

Reporter Megan Campbell interviews Jay Deutsch.

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Seattle Kraken Merch

The Kraken Hits Another Milestone

September 2, 2020

PSBJ interviews Jay Deutsch about the successful opening of Seattle Kraken's retail store.

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Record Breaking Sales of Seattle Kraken Merch

August 10, 2020

ASI Counselor reports The Kraken as the league's best-selling expansion identity launch ever in terms of branded merchandise sales.

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Seattle Kraken Merch

In Conversation With Jay Deutsch: Seattle Kraken Launch

July 28, 2020

Jay Deutsch, BDA CEO and co-owner of the Seattle Kraken, discusses the team name and merchandise with a charitable focus.

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Seattle Kraken Launch

Jay Deutsch Reacts to the Kraken

July 24, 2020

Our CEO discusses Seattle Kraken branding and merchandise store

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NHL Seattle

It's Official - The 32nd NHL Franchise is the Seattle Kraken

July 23, 2020

Our CEO, Jay Deutsch, shares insights of how the Seattle Kraken branding came to life.

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NHL Seattle

NBC Sports Reports on BDA's Bobblehead-Making Process

June 28, 2019

The news outlet reveals how the Nationals' Doolittle Star Wars bobble was produced from inception to delivery.

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